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(2023). Seasonality of school climate. School Psychology Review.

(2023). Practical Multilevel Modeling Using R. Sage Publishing.

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(2023). Advanced categorical data analysis in prevention science. Prevention Science.


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(2023). The relationship between teacher stress and job satisfaction as moderated by coping. Psychology in the Schools.


(2023). Teacher perceptions of school resource officers and associations with school safety. Journal of School Violence.


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Random stuff II: Plotting residuals I was poking around my old teaching files and I found an old file and I wasn’t sure what it was: dat <- read.table("") head(dat) ## V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 ## 1 -0.22391 0.0054599 0.380310 0.0135140 0.209240 0.1467100 ## 2 0.84413 0.1073700 -0.026533 0.0458640 0.012987 -0.0271900 ## 3 1.06240 0.0911160 0.181260 0.0501710 -0.188670 -0.0120820 ## 4 -1.04170 0.4404900 0.245960 0.0054154 -0.212920 0.1015200 ## 5 0.


Random stuff: Rademacher distribution A month or two ago, I saw this comic on xkcd: This just shows how folks might use different ways to say the same thing (something simple can appear complex and vice versa). And then, in that same week, I was reading an article that mentioned drawing a random variable from a Rademacher distribution– which was a distribution I had not heard of (w/c has a M = 0, SD = 1) and somehow the name alone made it sound complicated.


Two Tenure Track Faculty Position in Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education Assistant Professor Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education at the University of Missouri (Job ID 43395) As part of our recently developed Strategic Plan and our enhanced commitment to research as an AAU member institution, the University of Missouri (MU) College of Education and Human Development is committed to continued support of Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education.


List of Research, Statistics, and Evaluation job postings (that I’ve seen) as of 2022-12-22. I know, I know… there are other places that keep this list but I find this interesting to track… Postings for (2022-2023): Visiting Assistant Professor - REMS Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK Assistant Professor in Applied Measurement Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL Assistant Professor - Quantitative Methods, University of South Florida Assistant Professor, Educational Research, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS Two Tenure Track Faculty Position in Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education Assistant Professor Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education at the University of Missouri (Job ID 43395) \(\color{red}{\text{NEW!


Using FIML in R with Multilevel Data (Part 3) A recurring question that I get asked is how to use full information maximum likelihood (FIML) when performing a multiple regression analysis BUT this time, accounting for nesting or clustered data structure. For this example, I use the the leadership dataset in the mitml package (Grund et al., 2021). We’ll also use lavaan (Roseel, 2012) to estimate the two-level model. The chapter of Grund et al.



Ongoing Grant Funded Work

Various ongoing grants funded by the National Institute of Justice, Department of Education (i3), and Institute of Education Sciences.

Missouri Prevention Science Institute

The Missouri Prevention Science Institute (MPSI) brings community members and researchers together to help schools and families apply techniques that promote social and academic success. Through community outreach, the institute’s staff provides parent training and teacher consultation services.

Youth Violence Project @ UVA

Our team of faculty and graduate students conducts research on effective methods and policies for youth violence prevention and school safety.


I teach the following courses at the University of Missouri:

Multilevel Modeling

The goal of the course is to provide students with the necessary skills needed to review/critique, analyze, interpret, and write-up studies involving nested (clustered) data using multilevel modeling (MLM). Clustered data (e.g., students within schools, patients within clinics) occur quite naturally in the social sciences and being able to understand and conduct their own analyses using nested data is an important skill. Alternatives are discussed as well.

Applied Multivariate Statistics

This course is designed to provide students with both a theoretical and applied understanding of useful multivariate statistical procedures (e.g., factor analysis, principal components analysis, discriminant function analysis, cluster analysis, MANOVA) in education sciences.

Program (Impact) Evaluation

Evaluating the quantifiable impact of social programs is a key task that policy makers, governments, and program funders perform. In education and the social sciences, a fundamental question asked is ‘How do we know our policy or program works?’

Quantitative Foundations in Educational Research

This course is designed to provide students the fundamental and necessary quantitative methods in educational research.

Data Management (using R)

Good data management is a prerequisite for successful research, needed for reproducibility of results, and essential when collaborating with others.